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We value our patients' experience at Frankie D. Scott-Canova D.C. Holistic Chiropractic and Functiona. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova

  Dr. Frankie has changed the lives of everyone in my family!! My 2 daughters, my wife and I have all sought treatment from Dr. Frankie. We have responded favorably. My wife was on  massive amounts of meds and receiving injection treatments for a number of years. She now takes a minimal number of meds and had treatment 2 to 3 times a week with great results. 

  We could not figure out what was causing my oldest daughter such horrible migraines and terrible reactions. Yet Dr. Frankie found and diagnosed her problem after seeking the counsel of many Doctors that did nothing for her. She has changed my daughter's life in a dramatic way!!

  I have type 1 Diabetes ans she has an incredible sensitivity to my condition. She has put us all on cleansing diets that worked like a top!! 

 Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova is very professional and a thorough Health Coach!!!

Thank you Dr. Scott for helping my family to  be HEALTHIER !!!!!

Steve Y.                                                                                                                                           San Clemente, CA


   I was chronically ill for the first nineteen years of my life, so I understand the desperation of being helplessly in pain and falling for several quacks, before finding Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova.  I fixed my fibromyalgia by firing my rheumatologist, becoming a vegan, tai chi/ yoga, and a chiropractor. I went through four chiropractors before I found the right one.

  The chiropractor who actually helped me, is Dr. Frankie. I had disc bulges in both my neck and lower back that made numbness and tingling in my hands and feet (not to mention back pain) which supposedly is permanent, but Dr.Frankie made it go away.  Dr. Frankie decompressed my discs, and I got immediate relief!  

   I hated her at first! I went into her office just to get a prescription for a blood draw to figure out my dental allergies (of which I have many) and she made me fill out so much paperwork that I whined at her. She just said, "its part of my training," and proceeded to fix all my problems. My teeth, my back, my neck, sinus pressure, my teeth grinding. I had been ripped off by so many others, she basically had to trick me into letting her help me. Diagnostic blood labs, massage , chiropractic adjustments, ultrasounds, supplements, and physical therapy.  She aggressively helped my aches, and pains disappear with her holistic, and functional medicine approach.

 Orchid T.                                                                                                                                          Los Angeles, CA


Extending My Tennis Life

Since knowing Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova, I have moved form seldom being able to play tennis to playing singles three times a week, and even playing doubles with my wife Saturday mornings.

When I met Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova, I was approaching 70 years of age, and I was beginning to think my tennis days were nearing an end.  The years of playing rugby in my youth, with the inevitable neck and shoulder injuries, and a spine injury from racing offshore powerboats in the 1960's, had taken their toll, and the pain had reached a stage wherein tennis was causing significant discomfort.

Many nights I would wake up with my right arm totally numb, and unable to close my hand. My M.D. suggested chiropractic as a pre-surgery option.  I went to chiropractors who used the traditional methods of manipulation.  I got some relief for a brief period of time, but it was obviously not the complete solution.  I began to search for a chiropractor who used a different method of treatment.  I was introduced to to the Cox Technique method of decompression while I was in Canada.  The Cox method of decompression seemed to give greater relief than anything I had yet, tried.

Upon returning to my home in San Clemente, I was  fortunate enough to find Dr. Frankie D. Scott-Canova. After only a few sessions with her, of which the decompression was only part of treatment, much of the neck pain, and stiffness disappeared.  The numbness in my arm subsided, and the function of my arm and hand returned to normal.  My low back pain, and sciatic pain, disappeared,as well.  I am virtually pain free, and this is reflected in the way I move about the tennis court!  

Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova is far more than a chiropractor, she is a highly qualified practitioner of the Cox Technique, which in itself can yield extraordinary results, but in addition, she is a gifted health coach, and what I would term as a total holistic healer.  I have consulted with her about conditions that I "thought" were outside of the chiropractic realm, with outstanding results.  Her clinical knowledge is broad, and her scope of practice is tremendously extensive.  

One small, but painful example; I was experiencing severe foot pain.  I consulted my M.D., whom is also a tennis player.  He diagnosed my foot pain as plantar fasciitis.  He told me it would probably be a month before I would be able to play tennis, again.  I consulted with Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova, and with a combination of cold laser, ultrasound, adjustments, and home care.  I was back on the tennis court in less than a week.

I cannot recommend Dr. Frankie Scott-Canova, highly enough!  She is a consummate professional, with a dedication to healing without drugs, or surgery.  She delivers great results, which in my case, were life changing!  I am eternally, grateful.

Grant M, San Clemente, CA


Dentistry can be difficult ergonomically.  It can also be high stress in terms of the degree of concentration and precision it requires.  The posture we dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants use on a daily basis can take their toll physically.  I learned early on through a significant lower back problem the value of competent, astute, and professional chiropractic care.  I practiced dentistry for nearly 50 years, while most of my colleagues had retired years before, many of them due to unrelenting back, neck , and shoulder problems.

Over the last thirteen-plus years of my dental career, Dr. Frankie D.Scott-Canova helped me maintain my postural health, along with judiciously, specifically, and scientifically applied nutritional guidance and support that allowed me to practice into my 70's pain-free.

All delivered in atmosphere of wellness, NOT dependency!  No helter-skelter approch!  The woman knows her science!  I now teach full-time at a dental school, and intend to keep going into my 80's!  I still return to Orange County from an adjacent state for my maintenance visits, and functional medicine counseling, as I can find no other chiropractor with kind of intelligence and dedication to health living as Dr. Frankie D.Scott-Canova!

Healthcare competency can be difficult to find in this marketplace, what with all the self-serving hype and questionable marketing and advertising.  If you are looking for quality, intelligently applied coaching, you would be well-advised to consider Dr. Frankie D. Scott-Canova!!

Tom Risbrudt, DDS                    

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